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Philips Warm White LED Hanukkiah/Menorah

Philips Warm White LED Hanukkiah/Menorah

SKU: 051160061

Don't like open flames on your windowsills? Get this flameless LED Hanukkiah! Made by PHILIPS, it features a silver finish, flicker effect, and 8 settings for each night of Hanukkah.


Additional Product Information:

  • Warm White LED
  • Remembers the last setting each time the product is plugged in
  • Approved adapter included
  • Non-slip feet
  • Soft rubberized push button
  • Measures 7.5" tall by 9" wide
  • For indoor use only.


"The LED Advantage"

A set of LED lights costs only a fraction to run compared to other lighting--saving ou money in electrical bills. Add in up to 25,000 hours of bulb life, and these lights end up paying for themselves in the cost of replacements!

  • Up to 25,000 hour bulb life
  • Durable and break resistant covers
  • Ultra low power usage
  • Cool to the touch when lit



  • Never leave product unattended while plugged in
  • Read important safety instructions and cautions inside package.
  • Use only with included adapter
  • For decoration only, not intended for use by children.






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